JT’s Extreme Evolution: Reliving ECW – Hardcore TV 5/4/93


ECW Hardcore TV #5
Run Time: 40:53

J.T. Smith & Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert & Don Muraco (*3/4)
Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – ECW Tag Team Title Match (**)
Sandman vs. Sal Bellomo – ECW Heavyweight Title Match (1/2*)
Rockin’ Rebel vs. Ernesto Benefico (1/4*)
Jonathan Hotbody vs. Tommy Cairo (*1/2)

Best Segment

Paul E’s shocking arrival and perfect promo. It was succinct, to the point and explained everything perfectly without dragging along. Great, and historic, moment. I will also give an honorable mention to Terry Funk at the Double Cross Ranch. I enjoyed him talking to the horse’s ass and calling it Eddie Gilbert while explaining the chain match rules.

Best Performance

Lots of good work across the board this week but Paul E. Dangerously stole the show. His appearance was a big surprise and then he crushed his promo and set up the top stable in the territory all in one quick segment.

Biggest Surprise

Paul E. Dangerously’s arrival totally caught me off guard and it was really well executed. The crowd went nuts too, chanting his name as Gilbert and Muraco won the match. His promo was tremendous, as you would expect. His digs on the Pennsylvania residents were pretty funny and he immediately puts the territory on notice. They did a hell of a job of building up an elite heel squadron on top of ECW in less than a month.

I Love the 90s

Glen Osbourne’s hair is a snapshot of the early 90s for sure and it looks like he is using Pantene; Paul E.’s cell phone has a permanent spot in this category; Tony Stetson’s tights combined with Larry Winters’ mullet is like an immediate time warp to 1993

Additional Observations

Jay Sulli’s yellow bowtie and cummerbund combo is a sight to behold; Terry Funk at the ranch was tremendous;  “The Madman From the Badlands” gets me every time; Pretty cool that we get to see Gilbert and Muraco team up right out of the gate here; We have our first glimpse of ECW Hat Guy, sans giant hat; Wonderful putting over Murano’s Asiatic Spike brings me right back to 1986; Whoa, Paul E! The crowd loved it; Good promo from Hunter Q. Robbins, reminding Winters and Stetson that this is their last chance at the gold after blowing it a week ago with a DQ; Jay Sulli continues to not give a shit which Super D is which and Stevie trolling him on it is good stuff; The tag title match is one of the best bouts we have seen so far, Winters & Stetson make for a fun little pure babyface team; Sal Bellomo was fun too, we have had lots of good talking segments here and it’s making for a quick moving show; Sal is getting a big ECW Title match too, this is a loaded episode; I am still having a hard time adjusting to Sandman as a fiery underdog babyface; I like that they keep pushing Sal as insane but it was kind of a lame finish to the Title match; Rebel worked a pretty tidy squash; Good hype for next week with Winters & Stetson putting their hair up for a title rematch and Hunter signing immediately without realizing that he would be cuffed to Tommy Cairo during the match; Nice little grudge match to bring us right into the end what has been an eventful episode

Enjoyment Power Rankings
1. Eddie Gilbert
2. Paul E. Dangerously
3. Terry Funk
4. Stevie Wonderful
5. Hunter Q. Robbins
6. Jimmy Snuka
7. Suicide Blondes
8. Sandman
9. Rockin’ Rebel
10. J.T. Smith

Top 10 Matches
1. J.T. Smith vs. Eddie Gilbert – 4/13/93 (**)
2. Suicide Blondes vs. J.T. Smith & Tommy Cairo – 4/27/93 (**)
3. Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – 5/4/93 (**)
4. J.T. Smith & Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert & Don Muraco (*3/4)

5. Sandman vs. Rockin’ Rebel – 4/27/93 (*1/2)
6. Jonathan Hotbody vs. Tommy Cairo -5/4/93 (*1/2)
7. Glen Osbourne vs. Johnny Hotbody – 4/13/93 (*1/4)
8. Tony Stetson & Larry Winters vs. Super Destroyers – 4/27/93 (*1/4)
9. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson vs. Chris Michaels & Samoan Warrior – 4/13/93 (*)
10. Glen Osbourne vs. Jimmy Snuka – 4/20/93 (*)

All Time Appearance Tracker
Jay Sulli
Stevie Wonderful
Tod Gordon
Eddie Gilbert
Terry Funk
Hunter Q. Robbins III
Super Destroyer #1
Super Destroyer #2
EZ Ryder
HD Ryder
Tommy Cairo
Salvatore Bellomo
Cosmic Commander
Johnny Hotbody
Tony “Hitman” Stetson
Rockin’ Rebel
Jimmy Snuka
Larry Winters
Ernesto Benefico
Glen Osbourne
Chris Michaels
Samoan Warrior
Kodiak Bear
J.T. Smith
Super Ninja
Greg Cody
Don Muraco
Chris Candido
ECW Hat Guy
Paul E. Dangerously

Final Grade: 5/10 Paul E. Dangerously Cell Phones

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