JT’s Extreme Evolution: Reliving ECW – Hardcore TV 5/25/93

ECW Hardcore TV #8
Run Time: 43:48

H.D. Ryder vs. Salvatore Bellomo (1/2*)
Suicide Blondes vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – ECW Tag Team Title Match (**1/4)
Don Muraco vs. Ernesto Benefico (1/4*)
J.T. Smith & Tommy Cairo vs. Canadian Wolfman & Max 
Thrasher (*)
Jimmy Snuka vs. Glen Osbourne – ECW TV Title Match (*1/4)

Best Segment

The Tag Team Title bout was the best match we have seen to date on ECW TV. It had a good build and we get the payoff with the Blondes cheating to win the straps. Winters & Stetson have gelled nicely and are fun as an honest babyface team. Fun segment.

Best Performance

I will go with the Suicide Blondes for finally cashing in on the titles and for also just being ahead of the entire roster in the ring. It shows each week. Honorable mention to Paul E. as usual too for his weekly showdown with Tod Gordon. He is just so on point and crisp every time.

Biggest Surprise

I figured the Tag Titles would change at some point, but I was a bit caught off guard that the Blondes finally did it here. Winters & Stetson have had a nice little run with the belts but the Blondes lording the titles over the division was the right move. Also, shoutout to Sal Bellomo’s standing dropkick.

I Love the 90s

That god damned Larry Winters mullet; Stevie Wonderful making Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher jokes; Eddie Gilbert’s Scott Stevens New Jersey Devils jersey;

Additional Observations

I wish they would let poor Jay Sulli get out of that tux, even if for just a week; Sal is endearing with this Super D #3 thing going on, funny how delusional he is being portrayed; Sal busting out a standing dropkick was pretty impressive; Winters & Stetson have really grown on me as a team, they work well together as just pure babyfaces; The tag title change is the best match we have seen on the show so far; Gordon and Paul’s confrontations are the highlight of each episode; Stevie calling him “Ernesto Buttafuoco” makes me laugh every time for some reason; Muraco needs bigger tights, he has the waistband fold going on; Despite his girth, Muraco still delivers fun squash matches; The Wolfman looks like a slovenly descendant of the Moondogs; J.T. Smith is looking for revenge on Max Thrasher here after their big split a week ago; Stevie says Cairo looks like a young Rick Steiner; This is a loaded episode based on the match lineup; “THE MADMAN FROM THE BADLANDS”; Osbourne gets his rematch from the controversial TV Title Tournament finals; Gilbert name dropping Global Wrestling and then saying ECW stood for “Eddie Championship Wrestling” was good stuff; Him threatening to poison, stab and kill Gordon’s dog was a bit much; Apparently Gordon and Gilbert know each other from way back in the day; Funk’s promo was really sharp as well; Jay Sulli’s reaction to that promo was not

Enjoyment Power Rankings
1. Paul E. Dangerously (-)
2. Eddie Gilbert (-)
3. Terry Funk (+1)
4. Jimmy Snuka (-1)
5. Stevie Wonderful (-)
6. Suicide Blondes (+1)
7. Winters & Stetson (NR)

8. Hunter Q. Robbins (-2)
9. Don Muraco (-)
10. Sandman (-2)

No Longer Ranked: Rockin’ Rebel

Top 10 Matches
1. Suicide Blondes vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – 5/25/93 (**1/4)
2. J.T. Smith vs. Eddie Gilbert – 4/13/93 (**)
3. Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – 5/11/93 (**)
4. Suicide Blondes vs. J.T. Smith & Tommy Cairo – 4/27/93 (**)
5. Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – 5/4/93 (**)
6. J.T. Smith & Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert & Don Muraco (*3/4)
7. Suicide Blondes vs. Tony Stetson & Larry Winters – 5/18/93 (*1/2)

8. Sandman vs. Rockin’ Rebel – 4/27/93 (*1/2)
9. Glen Osbourne vs. Johnny Hotbody – 4/13/93 (*1/4)
10. Tony Stetson & Larry Winters vs. Super Destroyers – 4/27/93 (*1/4)

All Time Appearance Tracker
Jay Sulli
Stevie Wonderful
Tod Gordon
Eddie Gilbert
Terry Funk
Hunter Q. Robbins III
Super Destroyer #1
Super Destroyer #2
EZ Ryder
HD Ryder
Tommy Cairo
Salvatore Bellomo
Cosmic Commander
Johnny Hotbody
Tony “Hitman” Stetson
Rockin’ Rebel
Jimmy Snuka
Larry Winters
Ernesto Benefico
Glen Osbourne
Chris Michaels
Samoan Warrior
Kodiak Bear
Miss Peaches
J.T. Smith
Super Ninja
Greg Cody
Don Muraco
Chris Candido
ECW Hat Guy
Paul E. Dangerously
Max Thrasher
Canadian Wolfman

Final Grade: 4/10 Paul E. Dangerously Cell Phones

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