Jonnie Sea & The Multiverse of Fabulousness #1: WCW WrestleMania VI

Upon the examinations of the galaxies of space, images begin to appear. Images of strange and powerful ALTERNATE EARTHS! Join Jonnie Sea on an adventure to a world where things aren’t exactly how we know them here on Earth-0

In the debut episode, Jonnie takes us to Earth-Crockett, a world where WCW is about to present WrestleMania VI to a sold out SkyDome crowd! Jonnie is tasked with putting together a card worthy of WrestleMania by using the 1990 WCW roster, but what could possibly replace The Ultimate Challenge? Is there a stand in for a 250 lbs Dusty Rhodes? Would Peacock have to edit the show on this EARTH? Join us for the MADNESS and the FABULOUSNESS! Plus, the Future of Law Enforcement is here!