Jonnie Sea and the Multiverse of Fabulousness #7: WWE RPG

In the latest episode of Jonnie Sea and the Multiverse of Fabulousness, the fabulousness is DOUBLED, as Jonnie is joined by special guest Kyle Litke (The Great Mouse Podcast) on a VIDEO GAME themed adventure!

The boys travel to EARTH-9999 and create their own WWE THEMED RPGs! Join them as they build their own team of characters from all throughout the history of WWE/WCW! Who makes the cut? Which superstars will travel on a FINAL FANTASY style quest to defend us against… TIME COMPESSION BROTHER? 

What famous moments in PPV history must their Warriors of Fight defend? Which legendary storylines will contribute to their games narrative? The boys also wax poetic along the way over some of their favorite moments in wrestling and how they contributed to their overall choices!

PLUS: Vince McMahon, Evil Wizard?