Jonnie Sea and the Multiverse of Fabulousness #2: WWE’s The Suicide Squad

Upon the examinations of the galaxies of space, images begin to appear. Images of strange and powerful ALTERNATE EARTHS! Join Jonnie Sea on an adventure to a world where things aren’t exactly how we know them here on Earth-0.

In the latest episode, Jonnie takes us to Earth-SKWAD, a world where WARNER BROTHERS is going ALL IN with the WWE! John Cena is perfect as PEACEMAKER, but what happens when ALL of the members of THE SUICIDE SQUAD are played by WWE SUPERSTARS?

In a world where all former/current superstars are eligible for use, which of your favorites will make it to the SILVER SCREEN! Plus, Jonnie Sea gets a little excited when somebody mentions AQUAMAN and ANDRE THE GIANT battles Claustrophobia!