Jeff Learns Wrestling #10: Survivor Series 1987

Jeff Machado and JT Rozzero are best friends but Jeff has never been a wrestling fan… until now. With decades of wrestling history to catch up on, JT is leading Jeff’s completely clean slate on an educational journey through the wonderful story¬†of professional wrestling.

In episode ten, Jeff is angry and the boys talk about Jeff’s big work accident, buying tickets for his first live event, the concept of Survivor Series, Vince McMahon’s gamesmanship, Jeff’s hatred of Jim Duggan, Harley Race and Honky Tonk Man, Jeff’s attraction to the ladies in the women’s match, the fantastic Jumping Bomb Angels, Jeff’s thoughts on Strike Force as champions, Jeff’s dog’s reaction to the Islanders, the show’s treatment of the champions and match structure, Jeff’s kinship with Ken Patera, Andre the Giant’s big moment and much, much more!

So, join us on Jeff’s journey to learn all about pro wrestling, get sidetracked with us on many tangents and have a bunch of laughs along the way!

4 thoughts on “Jeff Learns Wrestling #10: Survivor Series 1987

  1. No Pothole love? That episode is a 10 in my book. 4 awesome storylines that intertwine very well – Phil Rizzuto bobblehead, Elaine desperate for flounder, toothbrush in the toilet, and Kramer adopting a highway.

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