It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #91 & 92): Double Dare (1985) and The worst Monday Night Football game ever

This week on It Was A Thing on TV, bust out the Colt 45 as Mike, Chico and Greg review a pair of topics that will leave you as muddy as the sod at Heinz Field.

First, it’s not the Double Dare from 1976 which was previously covered, nor is it the Double Dare on Nickelodeon a year later.  This Double Dare was a cop show in the vein of Miami Vice which lasted just over a month on CBS, starring TV’s Wiseguy and the guy who is as cool as the cool side of the pillow.

Next, last week marked the start of the 2020 NFL season (Who knows how long it will last…)  In celebration of the start of the new season, we look at what is considered the worst Monday Night Football game, a 2007 affair between the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though Miami had a forgettable team that year, that wasn’t the primary reason this game was bad.

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