It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #89 & 90): Learning The Ropes & Golden Balls

Today on It Was A Thing on TV we will learn important life lessons about struggling with two jobs as a wrestler and a teacher along with the importance of holding on to your balls.

First, when late 80s family sitcoms and wrestling overlap, the end result is the short-lived Canadian entry Learning the Ropes, starring Lyle Alzado and the stars of the NWA. We also determine the Canadian equivalents of TV shows it seems everything goes back to.

Then, from the era of Deal or No Deal, we get a game of luck, truth telling, psychology, some memory, and lots of balls. 2/3 of us didn’t like it. If you like it, you likely will really enjoy Golden Balls. It was popular for a brief period of time, but quickly faded away to obscurity.

Link to weirdest Split or Steal round ever:

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