It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #83 & 84): David Letterman Shows Within The Show & Steve Martin’s The Winds of Whoopee

First, who doesn’t enjoy late night television’s comedy bits between the monologue and the first guest?  We like them so much, we are devoting episodes to such segments which we affectionately call “shows within the show.”  Our first look at late night shows within the show is David Letterman, running the gamut from a troubled teen who is clearly not a troubled teen, to a spoof of one of the most popular and controversial shows of the day. Next, in February of 1983, ABC aired the highly anticipated miniseries “The Winds of War.” As counter programming, NBC aired a comedy special with Steve Martin called …… “The Winds of Whoopee”. This episode is shorter than usual because under half of it is online and it is more of a retrospective than anything.  But really, that title is why we’re here. As always you can follow us on our social media pages over @ItWasAThingOnTV along with e-mailing us for feedback or show suggestions over at Seriously, Greg might die of laughter by the time this episode is posted over “The Winds of Whoopee.”