It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #71-72): Herb Abrams’ UWF (Director’s Cut) and Go

what .. is .. a .. podcast .. that .. discusses .. obscure .. tv .. on .. PTBN .. Pop .. It Was A Thing on TV! .. (ding!)

This week Mike, Chico and Greg bust out the Baby Oil and Funko POP’s for today’s two topics.

First, back in May on the PTBN Wrestling feed, the gang looked at the Herb Abrams’ Dark Side of the Ring episode on Herb Abrams. In the first episode, they go deeper into Herb’s feeble attempt to topple the WWE empire with the Universal Wrestling Federation.

Following that we look at a short lived NBC word game from Late 1983-Early 1984 called “Go”. Go was in the death slot of Noon and had a very short life, despite being an exciting, action packed game. All three of us look at how the game was played with the assistance of Funko POP dolls. (You wish this episode was a video podcast.) Also bad impersonations of Johnny Olson.

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