It Was a Thing on TV Twin Pack: Episodes 221 & 222 – The Last Precinct/He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special

This Week on It Was a Thing on TV we talk Adam West, Skeletor and Christmas. 

First, we talk about the 1986 NBC police comedy “The Last Precinct”. It’s another story about a show that premiered after the “Big Game” and died not long after.  The show was in the same vein as Police Squad! and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it came from Stephen J. Cannell.  But was America ready for an hour-long police comedy?  Obviously not. 

Then, ’tis the season for your annual batch of oddball holiday fare!  We start this season with a Christmas special from an animated icon of the 1980s, which has very little to do with Christmas.  Get ready for He-Man’s take on the holidays with much of the He-Man universe of characters, including sister She-Ra! 

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0:30 – The Last Precinct

1:12:38 – Classic Commercial Break

1:16:32 – He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special