It Was a Thing on TV Twin Pack: Episodes 155 & 156 – K-9 and Company/1978 Science Fiction Film Awards

This week It Was a Thing on TV is taking a trip to Saturn in the TARDIS because we’re going on a Sci-Fi theme because it’s lonely out in space. 

First, we continue Pilot Month 2021 with a look at K-9 and Company. Doctor Who has had its fair share of successful spinoffs.  One whose pilot aired but didn’t get picked up was K-9 and Company in 1981 at the Beeb.  It looked good and they brought back Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith for it, but something happened… 

Then, with the Oscars having passed we look at an award show from years past. 1977 was a big year in science fiction movies, thanks to two little movies called Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Those films might have been the big winners that night, but The 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards also gave us one of the most memorable performances in history. 

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And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time.