It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 235, 236 & 237 – Mr. Bogus/Brotherly Love/The How I Met Your Mother Super Bowl Episode

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we’re going to assure you of one thing. Hilarity will ensue. 

First, we discuss the Early 90’s syndicated cartoon Mr. Bogus. This show is so bad that none of us made it past 15 minutes into the first episode, yet it somehow lasted for 3 seasons?!  Apparently Freddie Freaker’s cousin gets into situations and hilarity ensues. 

Next, who doesn’t love a Lawrence brother?  Who wouldn’t love a show with three Lawrence brothers?  Apparently the TV viewing public didn’t show it some brotherly love, as this comedy starring three Lawrence brothers lasted two seasons on two separate networks. 

Finally, in tribute to Bob Saget, the premiere of “How I Met Your Father” on Hulu and the upcoming Super Bowl, we look at a classic episode from the second season of “How I Met Your Mother”. Ted and his friends get stuck going to a funeral on the night of Super Bowl XLI and have to go the next 18 hours avoiding spoilers for the game. But the question is how is everybody going to avoid not knowing what happened in the game and why did Barney blow all his money betting on the Chicago Bears? 

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0:53 – Mr. Bogus

50:18 – The Jenny Position Commercial

51:24 – Brotherly Love

1:55:17 – Classic Commercial Break

1:59:00 – The How I Met Your Mother Super Bowl Episode