It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 219, 220 & Minisode 15 – The 1981 Sears Laserdisc Catalog/Every Love Boat Guest/Mr. Delicious

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we’re setting sail as we bring the roast beef and the laserdisc player. 

First, Laserdisc technology was new and hot in the early 80s. One time in 1981, Sears put out a catalog on laserdisc.  We’re not talking about it because of the technological innovations, nor are we here to talk about the general fashions of the day.  We’re primarily here to talk about one person, a key figure in this disc. 

Next, thanks to a recent YouTube discovery we give you in almost entirely alphabetical order, every guest star on The Love Boat…almost. 

Finally, in the early 90s, the fast food chain Rax thought outside the box with its mascot, selecting an animated spokesperson who was middle-aged, bland, monochrome, and going through multiple life crises, in order to attract the adult population.  The campaign failed badly; Rax filed for bankruptcy 3 months later.  Dickety-dee. 


0:10 – Computer Voice Lady Intro

1:05 – 1981 Sears Laserdisc Catalog

1:10:20 – The Jenny Position Commercial

1:11:25 – Every Love Boat Guest Star

3:02:02 – Classic Commercial Break

3:05:16 – Mr. Delicious