It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 208, 209 & 210 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker/Dead of Night/The David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special

Halloween may be over but we’re giving you the leftover candy on this week’s drop on It Was a Thing on TV.

First, we start with what might be considered the ultimate short-lived cult classic.  Kolchak: The Night Stalker has been remade several times, became a comic book series, and is a progenitor to similar later shows, but its original series only lasted a season.  With a celeb-laden line-up, what happened? 

Next, our Halloween Trifecta of Terror continues with a one-off three-part anthology from 1977 titled Dead of Night.  Overall, it is pretty insignificant, though some big names were involved with it.  However, the first story does star one of our favorites, a young Ed Begley Jr. 

Finally, we wrap up our Halloween trifecta of shows with some humor, straight from the minds at Saturday Night Live.  In 2016, David S. Pumpkins appeared on a Halloween sketch.  He proved to be so popular that he got his own half-hour special the following year.