It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 189 & 190 + Minisode 11 – aka Pablo/Herb/Gene Snyder

First, Norman Lear tried bringing a Latino-centric family comedy to network television in 1984 with limited success.  Paul Rodriguez would go on to bigger and better things, as well as one of his nephews. 

Then, the 1980s contained many wars–The Cold War, the war on drugs, The Cola Wars, and The Fast Food Wars.  Wendy’s struck first with Clara Peller and her catch phrase, “Where’s the Beef?”  McDonald’s had its own game plan with the McDLT.  Burger King went with a geeky guy who had never eaten at Burger King before named Herb?  Herb had a very short life span, but he did get around in 1985 and 1986. 

Finally, the 80s show Press Your Luck had an iconic cast of characters as contestants, including a future American Gladiator, a future talk show host, and an ice cream truck driver who broke the bank.  One of our favorites is a gentleman named Gene Snyder, the subject of this minisode. 

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