It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 163 & 164 + Minisode 8 – Rollergames/Family Channel Interactive Games/Wheel of Fortune (1950’s Version)

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we are bringing you a variety of games from the roller rink to your touchtone phone at $4.95 a call. 

First, it’s the late 80s and action sports are big, like wrestling and American Gladiators.  Take roller derby and combine it with certain aspects of wrestling, then add a dash of rock and roll flair.  The result is 13 glorious episodes of the late 80s favorite RollerGames.  

Next, the mid-90s were a big period for game shows on cable, between Game Show Network’s start, a possible Game Show Channel, and a foundation for that Game Show Channel–interactive game shows from Wink Martindale et al.  We look at the quartet of games which could be played at home on a telephone keypad.  Mike also shares his story about how he almost won some big prizes from one of those games. 

Finally, everybody knows about the timeless Wheel of Fortune, but there was a show with that same title in the early 50s which had to do with rewarding good samaritans. 

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