It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 159 & 160 + Minisode 7 – High School USA (1984 Pilot)/Coneheads (1983 Animated Pilot)/The Exploding Oregon Whale

Pilot Month concludes this week on It Was a Thing on TV as Mike, Chico and Greg also take a look at a beached whale in Oregon. 

First, you heard about the TV movie in the previous episode. The powers that be at NBC felt it was so successful that a pilot was made a year later.  It had its moments but alas, no Michael J. Fox, no Todd Bridges, and no Nancy McKeon only got High School U.S.A. to pilot stage, one which aired. 

Next, The Coneheads was a staple of the early days of SNL and it was later a cinematic release, but there was an animated pilot in 1983 which was a one and done.  Get your sensor rings at the ready as we look at the wacky adventures of Beldar, Prymaat, and Connie Conehead. 

Finally, in November of 1970, a story aired on KATU news in Oregon about a beached whale being exploded with dynamite to dispose of it. It ended up being one of the most unusual and memorable local news reports of all-time. 

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