It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 116 & 117 + Live Show 3: It Ran One Season Too Long/Personal Injury Court/A Recipe for Seduction

This week on It Was a Thing on TV, the gang looks at some shows that hung around too long along with bringing the legal sauce. 

First, we look at shows we believe lasted one season too long.  (Your mileage may vary.)  Mostly, we cover comedies which lasted a year too long.  Continuing a trend from last week, Greg continues his basketball coach namedropping streak. 

Next, Personal Injury Court was clearly not real, between nobody apparently having health insurance to the ridiculous amounts of money people for which people sued.  Let’s dive head first into the legal sauce with this installment. 

Finally, when this lit up the socials last week, we made the decision that not only was it worth submitting but it was also worthy of live show status.  Put a Lifetime Christmas movie, a KFC infomercial, and romance in a Vitamix and this would be the result. 

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It’s Finger Licking Good.