It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episode 136, Minisode 5 & Episode 137 – Li’l Bush/Barack Obama Gold Plate/Alliance of American Football

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we’re honoring ‘Merica with a look at the Presidents and some good ol fashioned American Football. 

First, we thought Lil’ Bush would be a fair topic for a President’s Day episode.  Boy, were we wrong.  For the most part, this aged like bad cheese.  What seemed like a good idea in the 2000s ended up having a very short shelf life, running on one-note political gags from 15 years ago.  We apologize in advance. 

Next, we continue the President’s Day theme by looking at a commercial for an inaugural keepsake.  There’s something about a gold plated commemorative plate of Barack Obama which we find odd. 

Finally, there have been numerous attempts at football outside of the NFL season.  None exist any longer.  A recent attempt in 2019 was the Alliance of American Football (AAF), which we remember fondly. Listen as we blame the owner of Chico’s favorite hockey team for the demise of the league. 

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