It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #48-50): “Malcolm” Pilot, “Greg the Bunny” & “Tag Team” Pilot

Animated TV Sidekicks, Living Puppets and Wrestling Police Officers! Oh My! On this week’s triad of episode on “It Was A Thing on TV” the gang tackles a variety of subjects. First, what happens when you mix Alex Trebek and a crudely animated sidekick?  You get the unaired pilot Malcolm, a show done for NBC in 1983.  Second, we look at a world where puppets and humans coexist on Greg the Bunny. We take a look at this weird short lived FOX TV show from around 2002. Finally, combine wrestling with a cop show and what do you get?  You get a show which almost made ABC’s lineup in the early 90s, Tag Team.  You can watch the episode at and follow along with this installment.  We even included commentary about the commercials. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram over @ItWasAThingOnTV and contact us via e-mail for any topic suggestions and feedback over at

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