It Was A Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #33-35): 50k Pyramid, “It’s Your Move” & “The Mad Dash”

The week It Was A Thing on TV says “It’s Your Move”. First, The $50,000 Pyramid is the forgotten version of the Pyramid franchise and for good reason.  We talk about the changes to the short-lived version and the celebrities on this version. Next, One of the most requested shows in this podcast’s short life has been It’s Your Move.  We look at why this brilliant series had such a short life, how it was a predecessor of future shows, and what exactly The Dregs of Humanity has to do with this show. Finally, Did you ever want to win a disco date or a dinner for 2?  You could on the classic Canadian series The Mad Dash!  In this episode, we look at this life-sized board game adaptation from the 1970s and 1980s.

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