It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #27-29): Bud Bowl, “Cheap Cheap Cheap” & Tom Poston Game Show Tomfoolery

This week It Was A Thing on TV looks at beer bottles playing football, a bizarre game show/sitcom hybrid and Tom Poston being Tom Poston. First, People enjoy seeing ads during the Super Bowl sometimes as much as the game itself.  In the late 1980s through the late 1990s, The Bud Bowl was likely the most popular series of Super Bowl ads.  We reflect on The Bud Bowl’s growth and eventual demise. Next, UK celebrity Noel Edmonds finished hosting their version of Deal or No Deal on Channel 4 in 2016, after over 11 years.  In 2017, he return to Channel 4 with a game show/sitcom hybrid called Cheap Cheap Cheap, which was just weird weird weird.  We look at this bizarre hybrid which has been compared to Twin Peaks. Finally, Tom Poston was a beloved television fixture for decades, ranging from The Phil Silvers Show in the 1950s through The Suite Life of Zack & Cody in the 2000s.  Poston also appeared on many game shows through the years.  We look at three times in the 1980s when Tom Poston’s game play wasn’t exactly stellar, though we do not put the entire blame upon Tom.

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