It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #24-26): CD-i infomercial, “The Joe Schmo Show” Season One & “Banzai”

This week’s episodes of It Was A Thing on TV will have you ask “What is going on?”
First, We look at an infomercial for the CD-i entertainment system from the mid-90s, while spending a significant amount of time talking about the system’s titles, versatility, and technological downfalls.
Next in 2003, Spike TV took a chance on a different type of reality show, one in which everybody was an actor but one person, who the entire show was built around.  “The Joe Schmo Show” was a memorable and fun unique endeavor which we remember quite fondly.  We will cover the other seasons in the future.
Finally, “Banzai” was a British show which eventually aired on four different networks in the United States.  Why would such a show be bounced around?  Could it be the controversy that followed it?  We look at this bizarre and offensive show.

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