It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #21-23): “The $1.98 Beauty Show”, “Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time” & “Joe Millionaire”

It Was A Thing on TV is breaking out the Confetti, the TARDIS and the $$$. First the gang looks at The $1.98 Beauty Show. Chuck Barris was the king of bizarre in the 1970s. The $1.98 Beauty Show proved this with it’s low stakes to the oddball host, Rip Taylor. Next, Doctor Who has been a TV staple for close to six decades. One of the oddest entries in the show happened in this 1993 crossover with Eastenders called “Dimensions in Time.” Finally, one of the most hyped shows of 2003 was Joe Millionaire. It lasted two seasons, and was off TV by the end of 2003. We look at this flash-in-the-pan which briefly made a star out of a construction worker/underwear model.

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