It Was a Thing on TV Live Shows 5 & 6 – Press Your Luck (3rd Season Premiere) & The Cube (US) Sneak Peek

It Was a Thing on TV brings you a special pair of live shows here on the PTBN Pop Experience. 

First, Press Your Luck is back for another season and just like last year we’re doing a special live show for the start of Season 3. Enjoy as we finally learn just what the heck a Flokati Rug is, what we’d do with a hot dog cart and figure out why Dan O’Toole did an awkward run-in on our live show thanks to Greg hitting the wrong button on his phone. 

Then, a week and a half before the official series premiere of The Cube, all three of us watched a sneak peek episode after TNT’s coverage of the NBA playoffs.  Going in, at least one of us had high expectations for this much anticipated series.  Were we left fulfilled after the show?  Enjoy the first episode of this long-running UK series.