It Was a Thing on TV: Live Show 16–Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction – Season 2, Episode 11″

In a recent It Was a Thing on TV taping session, we brought up Jonathan Frakes and the cult classic Late 90’s/Early 2000’s FOX show “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction”.

In this special live show, Greg presents an episode featuring three potential show Hall of Famers in the five stories in this Season 2 episode. At the end of the episode, Mike and Chico will determine if these five stories pass the smell test.

Since this is a live show there were some problems with Mike’s speaker system where the show audio was playing on his external speakers but that was quickly fixed.

If you want to play along you can watch this episode on the Filmrise True Crime YouTube channel. Make sure to pause after each segment when Mike and Chico give their review of the segment before moving on.

“Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction – Season 2, Episode 11” (Full Episode) –