It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 286 & 287 – MLB All-Star Special

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we celebrate the recent Mid-Summer Classic by presenting to you two baseball themed episodes for the All-Star Game.

First, we watch dozens of legends participate in an old timers game whose participants span almost 50 years of Major League Baseball, the oldest of whom pulls off the highly improbable.

Then, our journey to this year’s All Star festivities continues with the 1990 edition, one with great pitching, first appearances by several baseball legends, and a lengthy rain delay.  We’ll continue talking about the rain delay next week.

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2:38 – The First Annual Cracker Jack Old Timers Classic (After Mike finishes his dumb rambling about the Guardians “winning” the Francisco Lindor trade to make himself feel better over not having Steve Cohen as an owner)

1:43:47 – Classic Commercial Break

1:47:45 – The 1990 MLB All-Star Game