It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 277 & 278 – What a Country!/Poison Ivy (1985 TV Movie

This week, we recognize our hard working immigrants that make our country strong! We also took a visit to summer camp to catch up on some old friends.

First, it’s the mid-80s, the Cold War rages on, and a comedian from Soviet Russia makes it big with appearances on Carson and on the stand-up circuit, and as a semi-regular on Night Court.  In 1986, he got his own vehicle, What a Country!  Listen to who was cast as the macho ex-Marine turned principal.

Then, you wanted us to watch this sort-of spiritual successor to High School U.S.A. (Episode 158) and we did!  Why did this movie about a summer camp originally air in the not-so summer month of February 1985?  We know why it reran in July 1985, besides it was summer.

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0:30 – What a Country!

1:07:50 – Poison Ivy (1985 TV Movie)