It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 266, 267 & 268 – I Married Dora/Jason of Star Command/I’m a Big Girl Now

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we look at sham marriages, outer space and Corinne Tate from Soap acting alongside Danny Thomas.

First, McCormick from Hardcastle and McCormick and Audrey Griswold #3 star in a sitcom about marrying someone to ensure they aren’t deported from the country.  Of course, hilarity ensues.  The best moment of the show came at the very end of the final episode, when everybody knew the writing was on the wall.

Next, outer space science fiction was everywhere in the late 70s–in your movie theater, on public television, in primetime, even on Saturday mornings.  The crew at Filmation gave us their take on space adventures with Jason of Star Command, which featured a veteran from an outer space classic.

Finally, Soap was riding high in 1980.  Its producers gave who would likely be the 6th most popular cast member on that show her own vehicle, with a cast that includes a comedy icon and a future comedy icon.  I’m a Big Girl Now was one (season) and done.

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1:22 – I Married Dora

49:49 – Classic Commercial Break

54:09 – Jason of Star Command

2:00:27 – Computer Voice Lady Intro to Episode 268

2:00:49 – I’m a Big Girl Now