It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 264 & 265 – Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me!/Saturday Night Live ’85-’86

This week it’s the grand finale of Marvel Month on It Was a Thing on TV as we look at Electro playing a single dad and Tony Stark doing a season on Saturday Night Live.

First, we start with one of the more recent shows this podcast has covered.  Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier and others showed a lot of promise when this debuted, but the plug was quickly pulled at Netflix.  Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me! was just a bland comedy which relied on many tropes.

Then, Marvel Month concludes with possibly the second-worst season of SNL ever.  We talked about probably the worst season of SNL on episode 97, about the 1980-81 era.  Now, we look at the 1985-86 season, a transition season of sorts, when most of the cast lasted just this one season if not less, and the writers lasted just as long, ushering in one of the best eras in the show’s lengthy history.

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0:39 – Intro to Episode 264

2:42 – Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me!

41:22 – Classic Commercial Break

45:16 – Intro to Episode 265

47:32 – Saturday Night Live (‘85-’86 Season)