It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 250 & 251 – Genesis II/Planet Earth and What’s Alan Watching?

This week It Was a Thing on TV celebrates it’s 250th (and 251st) Episode as Pilot Month 2022 continues as we look at two pilots brought to you from two all-time legends. 

First, it’s the early 70s.  Gene Roddenberry hit it big with Star Trek and is looking to create the next big thing.  He pitches Genesis II to CBS in 1973, who is not interested.  He tinkers with the format a bit, pitches it to ABC as Planet Earth in 1974, and is shut out again.  There was a third pilot with this format pitched a year later and guess what?  Three strikes and you’re out. 

Then, CBS was having a tough go in the late 80s, in an era dominated by NBC.  They gave a pilot not unlike UHF spearheaded by Eddie Murphy a chance, but it was one and done.  Don’t change that channel and discover What’s Alan Watching? 

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0:30 – Genesis II/Planet Earth

1:06:30 – The Jenny Position Commercial

1:07:34 – What’s Alan Watching?