It Was A Thing On TV: Episodes 241 & 242 – Abby’s/Get A Life

It’s the last call at It Was a Thing on TV as we present another pair of topics for you here at PTBN. 

First, with only The Office and Parks & Recreation leading off its comedy portfolio, NBC would put their fortunes in a sitcom manned by producers for both (and one from How I Met Your Mother) would come together to form a Voltron of the next great sitcom. So… how come nobody watched “Abby’s”? Belly up to the bar as we try and answer this question. 

Then, one of this podcast’s favorite people is Chris Elliott.  Post-Letterman, Elliott starred in the FOX sitcom Get a Life.  While hilarious and brilliant, it might have been a little too out there, even for the hip and relatively new network.  

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This edition has been Handsome Boy approved. 


0:30 – Abby’s

53:30 – The Jenny Position Commercial

54:36 – Get a Life