It Was a Thing on TV: Episode 238, Minisode 17 & Episode 239 – The Class/Lingo (’87)/Super Bowl XX Halftime Show

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we’re going back to school while getting ready for the Super Bowl as we sneak in a game of Wordle. 

First, it’s 2006 and How I Met Your Mother was CBS’ sophomore hit featuring 20- and 30-somethings.  Why not follow that with a series with people around the same age who all went to school together decades earlier?  It can’t miss!  It did. But at least most of the cast of this show went on to bigger and better things. 

Next, the game Wordle has taken the internet by storm.  Many people don’t realize that the game Wordle is similar to the Game Show Network show Lingo.  Even fewer people realize that Lingo got its start as a Canadian production in 1987. Also, Greg makes a big declaration at the end of the minisode! 

Finally, it’s time for our annual look at different happenings related to the game.  First up is a halftime show so bad and disjointed, Pete Rozelle said he never wanted to see Up With People again.  He got his wish and Up With People never did another halftime show after 1986. 

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0:30 – The Class

1:21:35 – Classic Commercial Break

1:26:02 – Lingo (1987)

1:49:05 – The Jenny Position Commercial

1:50:10 – The Super Bowl XX Halftime Show