Introducing PTBN POP


Place to Be Nation is excited to offer a new pop culture-centric podcast feed to highlight all our great shows that fall under this umbrella. On this new feed you’ll exclusively find these shows:

The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular
The Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast
Sellers Points
Todd Weber’s Conversation: Comics!
Rank & File
Imaginary Stories
Lucha Undead

In addition, expect special one-off shows and miniseries’ from some of your favorite PTBN voices!

The PTBN POP feed is available on iTunes and at podbean. It’ll be up on Stitcher and Google Play shortly.Thank you for subscribing, listening, sharing and reviewing our new offering!

Author: Brad Woodling

Brad Woodling is the managing editor of the Place to Be Nation. He was turned on to pro wrestling at the age of 18 after first watching Starrcade '97 and has been hooked ever since. His wrestling DVD collection and retro video game collection will probably be featured on an A&E Hoarders episode one day. Send Brad an email