Highway to the Impact Zone #38

Place To Be Nation… Welcome back and join us once again on the Highway to the Impact Zone. Join host Logan Crosland and his cohost and now grad student Jacob Williams, as they are joined by TNA experts, Shawn Kidd and Matt Souza.. In this episode they continue their journey by live watching the May 20th and 27th episodes of Impact. They discuss topics such as: Matt and Shawn’s Hard Justice Thoughts, Michael Shane and Traci’s Uncomfortable Rubbing, AJ’s Oversized Shirt, Jake’s Continued Abyss Hate, Waltman’s Porn Star Track Suit, Raven Murdering Larry Z, Shawn Horning Over Traci And Her Belly Chain, TNA Finally Figuring Their Shit Out As They Leave Fox Sports, Jake Live Reporting On The Status of Bourbon Street, Shawn Not Being Able To Tell Petey and Sabin Apart, The TNA “Tik-Toker”, AMW Teasing Break Up, Konnan Throwing Shoes, Sabin And Trinity’s Bathing Habits, Chest Filet Mignon, Raven’s Ascension, Everyone Turning The Corner On The Naturals, David Young’s Sveltness, The Monstars Theory, Abyss Joining and Turning On Jarrett, Jarrett Continuing To Ruin Main Events, and much much more!

Listen and join us on this wild ride through Total Nonstop Action.