Highway to the Impact Zone #37

Place To Be Nation… Welcome back and join us once again on the Highway to the Impact Zone. Join host Logan Crosland and his cohost and now grad student Jacob Williams, as they are joined by TNA experts, Ben Locke and Lewis Maynard, as well as special guest JT Rozzero.

In this episode they continue their journey by discussing the Hard Justice 2005 PPV. Theydiscuss topics such as: Lewis and Logan’s Battles with COVID, JT’s Relationship with TNA (Outside of TNA Never Dies), A Candido Tribute, Another Great PPV Opening Package, Random Team Canada Tag, Siaki Almost Breaking His Leg, Mixed Tag Madness That Confuses Don, A Randomly Amazing House of Fun Match, Monty and DDP Being Shoehorned Into 3LK Business, The Naturals Honoring Their Fallen Mentor, Another Solid Daniels X Division Title Defense, Fun Gauntlet Match, Tito Serving Hard Justice, AJ Saving Us From the Jarrett Title Reign, and much much more!

Listen and join us on this wild ride through Total Nonstop Action.