Highway to the Impact Zone #24

Place To Be Nation… Welcome back and join us once again on the Highway to the Impact Zone. Join host Logan Crosland and his student Jake Williams, as they are joined by TNA experts Ben Locke and Lewis Maynard. In this episode they take a look at three episodes of Impact from December 31st-January 14th. They discuss topics such as: Thoughts on 2004 TNA and Where We Are Going Forward, Traci and Trinity: Bitchy Teenagers, Weirdest 6 Man Teams Ever?, More Piper Racism, Daniels Breaking Out on His Own, “Quite Proficient” Dustin Rhodes, Kings Of Wrestling In Sombreros, More Watts-Raven-DDP Stupidness, Weird Cutoffs At The End Of Episodes, Jeff Hammond Training?, Random Comeback of Chris Candido, Award Winners, The Naturals Quiz, Solid Roode vs Sabin Match, The Return of David Young….yay…, Kings of Wrestling Imploding, Return of Six Points of Impact, Slackjawed Troglodytes, Awesome Ultimate X Qualifier, and much much more!

Listen and join us on this wild ride through Total Nonstop Action.