Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #200: Farewell for Now!

After nearly four years, it’s come down to this: the 200th episode of the longest-running weekly episodic comic book podcast in ALL of Place to Be Nation! And sadly, it’s also time for a Hard-Traveling Hiatus. Greg and Nick explain why they’re taking an indefinite break from podcasting, and along the way they look back at the people who helped make 200 an achievable number. From their favorite episodes to their favorite guests, the boys reminisce and look to the future. It’s a candid discussion about the very real burnout both have felt at times doing the show, and how they’re planning to recharge some of their passions. Thanks to all of the fans and friends of the show! Once mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke shared an intense love of comics, which made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. One day, it might again.

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