Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #189: GIANT-SIZED Special Edition-The Essential Jim Ross, Volume Two

The Hard-Traveling Fanboys are the Longest-Running Weekly Episodic Comic Book Podcast in ALL of Place to be Nation. Together with the Manager Todd Weber, the HTF celebrate this Thanksgiving Season by presenting a SECOND carefully-curated selection of the greatest musical appearances from Good Old JR himself, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. Jim’s unique vocal stylings continue to be the only way to truly recognize the singular achievement of never once missing, nor phoning in an episode. Featuring songs by Lizzo, Aerosmith, Lil Nas X, John Michael Montgomery, Tenacious D, the immortal Freddy Fender and more!

*celebrity voice impersonated

Author: Greg Phillips and Nick Duke

Greg and Nick share two passions above all others, both of which involve people in spandex punching each other. Reporters by day, they also insist on being called "Two Dudes with Attitude" but can't decide who is Kevin Nash and who is Shawn Michaels.

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