Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #186: The Longbook Hunters — The Golden Age

In this edition of The Longbook Hunters, Nick and Greg venture into Elseworlds with a look at the 1993 book “The Golden Age” by James Robinson and Paul Smith. This story traces the post-World War II lives of DC Comics’ earliest superheroes, including Green Lantern Alan Scott, Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick. With a cast of dozens (maybe hundreds), it’s a bold and risky book that exposed the Hard-Traveling Fanboys to many new ideas and characters. Does the narrative hold up? Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys.

Author: Greg Phillips and Nick Duke

Greg and Nick share two passions above all others, both of which involve people in spandex punching each other. Reporters by day, they also insist on being called "Two Dudes with Attitude" but can't decide who is Kevin Nash and who is Shawn Michaels.