Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #15: Off the Page – Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition


Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. And their love of comics isn’t limited to the page. In Off the Page, Greg and Nick will examine pieces of comic book media outside the comics themselves.

In this edition, the Fanboys are joined by PTBN Pop colleague Russell Sellers to discuss the extended Ultimate Edition of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Does this three-hour release improve upon the theatrical cut? What aspects of the movie still could have been better? And who in the heck edited the theatrical cut?

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Author: Greg Phillips and Nick Duke

Greg and Nick share two passions above all others, both of which involve people in spandex punching each other. Reporters by day, they also insist on being called "Two Dudes with Attitude" but can't decide who is Kevin Nash and who is Shawn Michaels.