GWCW Wrestler Results #5- #1

Place to Be Nation, we’ve made it to the end of the line. The last stop on the road to the Greatest Wrestler Ever. All of the top five appeared on all 24 ballots submitted and I’ll discuss some additional results after revealing the top five.

5. Lex Luger

# of Ballots: 24

Avg. Rating: 8.67

High: 2

Low: 29

High Voter: Robert Silva

4. Ricky Steamboat

# of Ballots: 24

Avg. Rating: 7.33

High: 2

Low: 20

High Voter: Will from Texas

3. Arn Anderson

# of Ballots: 24

Avg. Rating: 6.04

High: 2

Low: 14

High Voter: Andy

2. Sting

# of Ballots: 24

Avg. Rating: 3.13

High: 1

Low: 21

No. 1 Votes: 3

High Voter: Trent Williams, Justin Webb, Perhaps

1. Ric Flair

# of Ballots: 24

Avg. Rating: 1.29

High: 1

Low: 4

No. 1 Votes: 20

High Voter: Steven Riddle II, Steve Van Kooten, Rick Willard, Andy, Tyler Kelley, Ryan Norcross, Greg Diener, James Proffitt, Robert Silva, Michael DeDamos, JT Rozzero, Marcus Fuller, James Derbyshire, JDW, Dave Hall, Scott Criscuolo, Jeff V., Ryan Everett, Tim Capel, Will from Texas

Ric Flair and Sting joined Big Van Vader in receiving #1 votes. Props to Arn Anderson for appearing on every ballot and no lower than #14 on any ballot, and Sting for receiving 3 #1 votes and a stellar average rank of 3.13. But this was the project was all about the Nature Boy…Wooo!! Ric Flair received 20 of 24 first place votes and an incredible average rank of 1.29. Flair’s low vote was 4, so none of the 24 people submitting ballots had him ranked lower than 4. An amazing performance from the man synonymous with WCW and Jim Crockett Promotions before that. I’m starting to think that Ric Flair is pretty good at wrestling. This project had more of a consensus than previous projects, with a greater amount of wrestlers appearing on all ballots and more uniformity at the top of the list. I certainly had fun reliving the good times of WCW/JCP and hope you enjoyed this project, as well.  If you missed the previous rounds you can find results here. Now, onwards to revisiting the OG stretch project, the Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever. If you haven’t already, you can join the discussion on the Facebook page and be sure to follow all the podcasts on the Quad of Pods for great content on GWWE and much more.