GWCW Podblast #2: The Dangerous Alliance

In our continuing quest to let the PTB Wrestling Network help you fill out your GWCW match ballot, Drew Wardlaw hosts his second in this podblast series. This time he’s joined by Ryan Everett & Scott Criscuolo (@ptbpodfather) to discuss the legacy of The Dangerous Alliance! Throughout 1992 this faction was the best collection of heels at the time. Listen to the guys break down six matches involving this group & their manager Paul E. Dangerously. So listen carefully and see if these matches make your list!

Author: Scott Criscuolo

Scott Criscuolo is a co-founder of the Place to Be, co-host of the Place to Be Podcast, and was in the radio business for 10 years. He loves all things pop culture, and someday he will be the ghost writer for Triple H's autobiography. Send Scott an email