From the Vault: Where the Big Boys Play #19 – Starrcade 1987, Part One

It’s Starrcade time again, 1987 style. For this show Chad and Parv are joined by King Solomon who will be the first 3rd man / guest host of our rotating “hot seat”. In this show: Solomon talks about life growing up as a wrestling fan in LA during the 80s, analysis of JCP’s handling and booking of the UWF takeover, Parv’s wife threw out his notes so Chad takes over play-by-play for the first two matches, why did the Midnight Express keep agreeing to scaffold matches?, and the burial of Terry Taylor.

Author: Where the Big Boys Play Podcast

Where the Big Boys Play Podcast was created in 2012 and co-hosted by Parv and Chad Campbell. The podcast centers around revisiting NWA/WCW Supercards.