Five years

On the eve of the five year anniversary of the Place to Be Nation site launch, I typed away in our community chat group as JR Smith foolishly cost the Cavs Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The ongoing chat is not a staff only or private affair, it’s the community we’ve built over the last five years. It is a diverse group of opinions from folks across the country and across different continents. The names I interacted with were some of the same people from five years ago. These are friends, not online handles or gimmicks. Time flies and priorities change, but the core of what we have at Place to Be Nation never changes. It’s friendship, celebration, support, and levity.

Success is defined in a myriad of ways, and over the last five years we’ve always taken a step back to look at what we did best and made sure our energy was directed in those manners. We bring people together for projects that come from a multitude of viewpoints. We collaborate.¬†We leverage passionate people who share the same values. Our creators have built the loyalty in our community. They’re smart, and people want to hear what they have to say. This was our mission statement from five years ago and it still applies today. We are successful.

We don’t focus a lot on numbers, but these figures over five years are tremendous.

  • 6,678 long-form essays, reviews, podcast supplements, and commentary pieces.
  • 3,053,757 combined listens from the PTBN Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Only feeds.

Our Place to Be Nation POP feed is two years old now and growing faster than ever. Our Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever project was a huge success and anchored by a group that gave up tons of their free time to deliver great audio and written supplements, and a tremendous results roll-out. We continue to launch new shows that spotlight our great staff.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Place to Be Nation – writers, podcasters, producers, and editors and a special thanks to the community for coming back every day.



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