Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast #12


In episode #12 of the Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast, JT and Will tackle the following challenges as they dive into wrestling history:

– Living the Gimmick: The boys bring back a DAWP favorite when they examine the many faces and gimmicks of Ed Leslie. The barber, the butcher, the… Man With No Face?

– A Moment of Sleaze: Dan leads JT and Will through the classic DVDVR Sleaze Thread and the boys have to guess the accuracy of each entry!

– We are the Champions: Dan challenges JT and Will to recall title lineages of various championships from throughout wrestling history.

– Mailbag! – The boys read answers questions from fans of the show. This segment contains brief SmackDown spoilers for 11/12/15.

So, kick back and join JT & Will in the Alliance as they travel through the history of wrestling!