Daily Discussion Thread – 8/24/17

Hey everybody – come chat about the GWWE project, Stacey’s new piece on Michelle McCool, all our great audio – OR whatever your heart desires. We’ve also got a hot-off-the-presses NBA-Team show centered on the Kyrie/IT trade this week. PLUs – 3/4 of the Titans crew start a new series going through WCCW (all on the network now – follow along!).

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      1. Probably code for cleaning up the announcing and making sure they’re saying the right stuff. JR is a bit out of the loop and Lita was a horrible commentator in 2003 so I don’t hold much hope.

  1. Match ratings from Meltzer for last weekend-

    NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III:
    Almas vs. Gargano: 4.25
    SANitY vs. Authors of Pain: 3.75
    Itami vs. Black: 4.25
    Asuka vs. Moon: 4.5
    McIntyre vs. Roode: 4.25

    Miztourage vs. Jordan/Hardys: 2
    Neville vs. Tozawa: 3.5
    Usos vs. New Day: 4
    Cena vs. Corbin: 2
    Natalya vs. Naomi: 3
    Cass vs. Show: 1
    Orton vs. Rusev: no rating
    Banks vs. Bliss: 3
    Balor vs. Wyatt: 2.75
    Ambrose/Rollins vs. Cesaro/Sheamus: 4
    Styles vs. Owens: 3.75
    Mahal vs. Nakamura: 2.5
    Lesnar vs. Joe vs. Reigns vs. Strowman: 4.75

          1. I liked Usos-New Day and Almas-Gargano just a tad more, but there was lots to love.

    1. Awesome. I’m within 1/4* of him on almost all of these.

      I did have the Usos-New Day higher and the main lower, but both over ****. I also had Almas-Johnny as my MOTN at Takeover, but it was very close with the women’s bout.

      Lots of hard work from lots of wrestlers over the weekend.

    1. Glenn and I were discussing that last night. I think it was in the works but once World of Sport stalled out they didn’t have the necessity to do so anymore. I don’t see it happening any time soon.

      1. There are a few others too, but those were the “biggest names” not on there. But you would think anyone they’ve inducted to their own Hall of Fame would be on there. Just found it pretty interesting.

          1. Kahnle got tossed for throwing behind Miggy. Tigers hit Sanchez earlier with no warning after. Giardi went Giardi after Kahnle got tossed and Joe got the boot too. Then the fight at the plate broke out after Joe went.

      1. Crazy with Martinez and Verlander having words in the Tigers dugout. Verlander is right though, you protect your teammates. Martinez had no business consulting Sanchez.

  2. “While there was initial speculation that Bobby Roode would take Baron
    Corbin’s spot on Smackdown Live as one of the brand’s top heels, it now
    appears that WWE might have even bigger plans for Roode.

    According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com, Roode could end up getting a main event
    babyface push and possibly getting John Cena’s spot now that Cena is on
    RAW. As previously noted, the company is currently very high on Roode.”

  3. Watching the 8/1/06 WWECW from Hammerstein….Big Show v Batista has extra stuff from during commercial break of Show cutting a promo ringside telling everyone to shut up and calling a fan a pussy.

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