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Hello! Use this thread to chat about anything going on today in the world of sports, wrestling, life and beyond.

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The Place to Be Podcast returns on Monday with a look at the June 14, 1986 MSG House Show and we are bringing back the listener feedback! So if you want to share feedback in advance of the show to be read on air, please post in the thread below!

We are also going to do a live watch here Friday night so if you have any suggestions please let us know. We have one vote for Great American Bash 1992 so far!

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191 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 7/6/17

  1. Can I post a plug, I’m recording the next episode of Meet The Press Slam tomorrow with Pro Wrestling Only host Tom Batista and Voices of Wrestling columnist Kelly Harrass discussing the star rating system and it’s relavence, Intermissions at wrestling shows and show pacing, and the NJPW expansion in the USA. Follow me on Twitter @MeetPressSlam and I’ll be in here throughout the day

  2. What does everyone think of Amelia Earhart possibly being captured by the Japanese? I think its interesting, but I have also been interested in mysteries like that.

      1. yeah and they allege that the US knew about it. Which maybe means she was a spy? I have fallen down a hole of theories this am.

    1. The clip from the Today show was really interesting. Essentially it sounds like something most high up in the military assumed, but there was never anything concrete. That letter from 1971 where the guy states (paraphrasing) “we all know she died in Saipon” plus that pic is pretty damning.

  3. That’s a weird conspiracy theory but it might be accurate considering the climate at the time of her disappearance. It’s a distinct possibility

  4. (8 of 22) of these wrestling guys from MSG will probably make my top 100 list. What would be your top 5 destination cities for future Wrestlemanias? Thanks

        1. US Bank Stadium is one of the more unique looking venues out there and I would just love to see what WWE Productions could do to that place.

          1. Depends on arrival and what we are in the mood for. In Orlando we did HOF and WM and skipped NXT. In Dallas, we had to come in same day so only did WM,

            We also did (snuck into) WrestleCon this year.

            I’ve never did the Raw/SD stuff.

          2. Yeah I went to the Dallas one and did the WWE package, which included all of the events and a hotel. I am trying to go this year, as I have never been to New Orleans before.

  5. Currently watching Clash II Miami Mayhem. Hot opener with Brad Armstrong and Barry Windham. Plus nice blade job by Luger getting jumped in the parking lot by the Horsemen.

  6. My wrestling watching takes me to Cycle #3 today – Invasion Era WWE. I am at the go home RAW to King of the Ring. I have very much enjoyed Austin’s heel run. He is very clearly working really hard to make it work. The whole Spike Dudley mini-feud was tremendous.

    1. Austin’s character work during that stretch is severely underrated. I recall this one segment (possibly at KOTR?) where Coach is trying to get an interview:

      Coach: “Steve, what do you make of the rumors that if Benoit or Jericho win the WWF Championship, they’re going to WCW?”

      Austin: “They’re going where??”

      Coach: “To WCW!”

      *Austin stares blankly*

      He doesn’t threaten, intimidate, or insult anyone, just stands there like a complete buffoon. Such a complete 180 for his character and so unexpected.

      His material was less-good once he actually joined the Alliance and didn’t have Vince, Angle, Regal, etc. to bounce off.

  7. Watching AAA’s last (kind of) PPV from Saturday.

    El Mesias (Mil Muertes) turning on his tag partner Pagano was done in a shockingly competent manner.

    Drago & Aerostar look really cool when they color coordinate outfits too. Red with gold accents forvthis show.

    1. If anybody is feeling nostalgic for Russo style booking and blood and chairshots like it’s 1999, AAA puts all their shows on YouTube. Your mileage will vary greatly.

      1. It is a surprisingly potent pallete cleanser between epics.

        Like I fell behind on NJPW and everything was blending together because I was watching it too fast and staying in the same style. I switch to garbage in AAA, and it’s interesting purely because it’s so different in tone and style.

        Then afterwards, NJPW feels special again.

          1. Yeah def seems like depending on your connection, sometimes it’ll auto-update, other times you have to manually refresh. It works though!

  8. Are there going to be anymore PPV reaction shows? If not, I would like to head up something so they return. I always enjoyed them

      1. I’ll shoot him a DM that I would be interested in being on a few since my schedule is light. I was legit concerned hahaha.

  9. I think my favorite thing about professional wrestling is that even with no commentary or commentary in another language, you can still understand the broad strokes of what is happening. The stories are simple and universal.

    1. I used to be a big commentary guy, but i’ve found that bad commentary (in english) is very detrimental to me following the match and viewing things holistically. I’ve been watching the NJPW G1 USA specials with the Japanese feed (I do like KK and Calis – but I’m going back to watch some missed matches with the JP feed there too)

      1. I’ve been spending a lot of time on RealHero lately where English just isn’t an option. I feel like it’s made me better at picking up the actual match stories.

      1. Definitely agree. As I’ve expanded my viewing, i’m completely at ease flipping between CMLL and NJPW. It’s been a great learning experience.

  10. So if anyone would like to follow along, I’m firing up the 8/7/76 MSG House Show, perhaps getting some research on older guys for the Top 100 project.

          1. Match #3: The Executioners vs. Jose Gonzalez & Dominic DeNucci, 2 of 3 Falls for Tag Team Championship

            Kelly who were these Executioners?

          2. I’ve always meant to watch that match, but those 2 of 3 falls tags can be soul crushing

          3. This has actually been pretty fun, lots of moving around and the crowd is pretty hot.

          4. Match #5: Baron Mikel Scicluna & Rocky Tomayo vs. Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf (The Titans of Wrestling Pick of the Day!)

          5. Here we go!

            Bruno Sammartino vs. Stan Hansen, Steel Cage Match for WWWF Championship

          6. According to Wikipedia, it was Killer Kowalski & Big John Studd. Which I never knew.

          7. I can’t judge. That’s probably how Justin Gabriel vs Tyson Kidd or the 2011-12 undercards will look on paper 20 years from now.

          8. Scott, if you make it to Bruno vs Hansen without tapping out you can survive anything lol

          9. I do know that much mid 70s WWWF is the nadir of in ring competition. Based on the names involved and the fact that is opening that house show, I don’t think I am going out on a limb.

          10. Hey what happened to PTBN Network Adventures?
            And where’s the Nacho Man and the Huckster?

          11. Yeah and they started adding stuff all over the place… we were excited to get to the NWA weekly shows and they dumped in some older stuff and we just kind of got done with it.

          12. Yeah, that is true.
            Was a really cool idea though but them adding stuff from random years makes it nearly impossible to watch everything in order flawlessly.

  11. Just watched the British Strong Style vs CCK match from PROGRESS Chapter 50, highly recommended, I think I’m going to go 4.25 stars on it. I felt that it was a very well built match with insane spots

        1. That’s interesting that I’m the high man on some of these matches. I also see myself as a first instinct rater and rarely do I change it due to perceptions. What other matches am I really high on?

          1. Can’t wait to see how he does in this year’s PWG BOLA. They are putting together one hell of a field so far for that tournament.

        1. I guess I can justify Cornette doing more of those shows because of how much he rambles about current day stuff/politics. Him sticking strictly to a timeline subject sounds interesting actually

          1. Cornette’s “Back to the Territories” series is awesome.

            He’s great with discussing history and wrestling he was involved (RoH excluded) but I wouldn’t even bother listening to him discuss today’s scene because I already know he hates it.

    1. Lee’s title defenses are always great and this is a unique dynamic as he can be X-Division Trevor Lee and really work underneath to the bigger Elgin. And that’s what this entire match is based around – Elgin’s power, Trevor trying to counter and get an edge, but Elgin continuing to pummel him. They slug away on each other to start, good intensity and Trevor’s selling throughout is really good. There’s a thread in this match around the German suplex – they battle over it early before Elgin eventually fires a bunch off. It’s somewhat Lesnar-esque, but Lee’s comebacks are good and all feel natural. Elgin himself comes off scouting Lee really well; he gets big power moves like his Falcon Arrow off of Trevor’s regular spots. Lee comes back and laces Elgin with penalty kicks while standing on the apron and elgin finally collapses. Back in there’s another and then Lee’s big spot in the match: a deadlift German (pay-off) which gets two. Feels like this is building to the finish, but there’s another chunk here with Elgin on top; he gets a DVD on the apron and deadlifts Lee from the top rope into another Falcon Arrow. And then he hits his big elevated powerbomb for another two count. Another slam and Lee is up at 1 and fired up, but he collapses right before Elgin lariats him. Elgin picks him up to finish him off, but Trevor reverses into his STF, but elgin boots him in the face. Lee then grabs him into a cradle to retain. Elgin was great here, and i have no problem with a roll-up finish here, but it felt really flat with it coming off Elgin kicking Lee and not vice versa. Still ****1/4

  12. Watching the build to Fully Loaded 2000 i forgot how good the Triple H and Chris Jericho feud was heading into their LMS Match. I think on the next Raw I’m up to is where DX suckers in Jericho teasing dissension and then beat him down bad.

    1. So far, it is neck and neck with Foley vs HHH as my favorite feud in WWF in 2000. I like Rock vs HHH too but do feel like the stuff with Vince being in there is a bit too ham fisted and that Steph’s chemistry vs Jericho is overall stronger than Vince vs Rock around this time.

      1. They would have been better off if Vince just never came back in February and let Shane and Steph lead the FacGime. Just bring Vince back end of year to turn heel and fire Foley.

  13. Hey Yo.
    Slow day in work and I’m liking the comments addition to the blog.
    Question for all: How do you manage time watching wrestling?
    I have a wife, kid, and job, and basically am fighting sleep to keep up with all the shit WWE puts out every week (plus “PPVs” every other week).
    I also tune into TNA for the sheer trainwreck late-WCW like feel, since it might be crap but it’s never boring crap.
    DVR and on-demand Network are both life-savers, since I can’t watch any of this shit live anymore (except most “PPVs”), which is fine except for the fact that whenever I get behind on a show, I have to avoid all Internets to keep away from spoilers.

    1. I have a kid on the way so it will all change after that.

      At the moment, I work varied hours so when I work evenings, I watch some wrestling in the day before I go to work and if its dead at work in the evenings I’ll watch some here too. Plus, I’m typically up late all the time and my wife is the opposite so during the week I’ll watch when she is in bed.

      I rarely ever watch Friday or Saturday’s (that’s always time for wife, family, friends, etc) and watch Sunday PPV’s because my wife watches TV in bed when they start.

      I primarily just watch the wrestling I review anyway, which is still a ton.

      1. I do the same as you on weekends.
        Otherwise, yeah, I catch it during lunch in work or at night after the wife and kid fall asleep.
        Watched episode 1 of GLOW with my wife, trying to get her into it.
        She’s reluctantly watching since it’s more dramedy than actual fighting but she absolutely hates pro wrestling on TV.

      2. Congrats on the baby Brian. My daughter is 6 months and though you’re busy you’ll find time to still watch stuff you like. She’s a good sleeper so once she’s down I’ll put on something and especially her first few months during those nights where she wasn’t sleeping much and you are giving them a bottle at 3 am I would just put on raw smackdown etc. to get caught up. I can’t speak for the other guys but there is so much wrestling out there that I just had to cut it down and now just watch raw smackdown nxt and the ppvs I usually don’t watch things live besides the ppv but I don’t mind spoilers. I still read what’s going on in roh tna njpw indies etc. and by listening to podcasts on this network keeps me informed on what’s going on and if something sounds really good I’ll seek it out online to watch. It helps that my fiancé doesn’t mind wrestling if it’s on. She was like Jeff from Jeff learns wrestling when we first started dating but now understands the basics. But basically my method is cut back on what I watch, don’t mind spoilers, and have a evening cup of coffee to stay up and get caught up.

    2. Having a job plus 3 kids and a wife who doesn’t like wrestling, plus having other hobbies, I have learned that I only watch what I really want to.

      As a result, my viewing is basically NJPW and Lucha Underground on TV, and watching specific matches when they get a lot of praise.

      I watch virtually no WWE anymore, as it isn’t a product that is compelling in any way for me.

      So basically, it becomes picking and choosing the stuff I REALLY want to see.

      1. When did you stop watching WWE?
        Could’ve sworn I heard you on a Main Event podcast recently.
        I feel like I get closer every day though since it’s just too much and nothing means anything anymore.
        Or as Macho used to say, “Nothing means nothing!”

        1. I have basically stopped watching completely since Mania. I did a Main Event after that because I do listen to a review-a-Raw and Smackdown and was able to BS my way through it, but had to pass on my last invite bc I just don’t know the product well enough.

    3. I try to watch raw and smackdown live. If matches in other companies are good, I will go out of my way to watch that. Plus it’s easier for me, as I just have a wife and no kids. She likes the women matches, so she will come in during those matches.

    4. Married with two young kids, so yeah my watching time has been slashed but I still make time.

      For current day WWE, Raw is muted in the background when I record PTBP with Scott on Mondays. Smackdown I usually side eye on the iPad while watching TV with the wife. She usually heads to bed around 930/10… so that’s when I do my bulk of watching (usually stuff for reviews/pods or old stuff on the Network that I am working through).

      The only modern WWE stuff I watch full on focused is the PPVs at this point.

      I usually can work from home a couple times a week too, so I can squeeze some in there.

    5. I am still all in on WWE every week with RAW/Smackdown/NXT/the PPVs. Plus having The Network especially to see all the PPVs has been a god send. It beats having to see the ones I didn’t buy on a bootleg stream Pre-Network.

      I have gotten into ROH the last couple of years with their weekly TV but haven’t seen any of their PPVs. I do like what they do for the most part too.

      TNA or GFW, whatever they call themselves now I have been in out and of. Their product has just become so dull for the most part to me.

      I don’t watch much New Japan though i did check out the G1 USA Special last week and I liked it.

      Have kinda lost interest in Lucha Underground. First two seasons were ok but i haven’t paid much attention to Season 3.

    1. I know he’s hurt, but boy he quickly went from being hugely overpaid to almost a vet minimum given his years of service (compared to like Amir Johnson 1 year 11 mil)

    1. With Carter, Randolph, and Hill I like the mix of vets to go along with the younger guys like Buddy, Skal, Cauley Stein, Fox, Giles among others. Not saying they are a playoff team or anything just a nice mix.

  14. Working on a comeback with the Grudge Match recap blog. Currently working on the 4/14/75 MSG show on the Network.

    Couple notes: even in his early 20s, Valentine was awesome. 20-minute midget matches are crowd killers. Bruno wakes crowds up, and Edouard Carpentier was quite spry for 50.

  15. New episode of Letters From Center Stage!

    In this episode of Letters From Center Stage, JT & Allan head into their offices in Atlanta, GA to dive deep into the outer rim of the nostalgia mothership that was WCW:

    1. The Plunder Bucket: WCW’s Creative Sets / The Story of Doug Dillinger

    2. 1-800-COLLECT Road Report: Bash at the Beach 1996

    3. The Long Topic: Ranking the NWO Members

    To write in to the mailbag, tweet @allan_cheapshot or @place2benation


  16. I just started watching Survivor Series 96 because that is where I am at in my chrono watch if anyone wants to jump in. I know y’all had talked about a few other shows but I thought I’d say something.

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