Daily Discussion Thread – 7/21/17

Happy Friday, Nation! Talk about what you’re watching, what you’re reading, and what you’re listening to…which could very well be one of our fine audio products.

Note: At 9pm Eastern we’ll be live-watching Vengeance 2002.

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          1. I’d be down for night of champions. Segues perfectly for me as I watched the Bash last night.

    1. Jay recommended Vengeance 02 since today is the 15 year anniversary….Good choice, i think. Has that good Rock/Taker/Kurt main plus Cena’s PPV debut

      1. Phenomenal. Loved that act, in a heel sort of way. Ah, who am I kidding, I was a heel lover as a teen, so I was all about some Big Poppa Pump and Buff.

    1. Seems like people always remember WCW falling off a cliff in the second half 1998, but the July/August shows were still scorching hot. I can’t remember if it was the 8/17 Nitro or the week before, but there was a Goldberg/Meng main event capping off an absolutely STACKED episode. That match itself wasn’t anything to write home about, but it actually started teasing Goldberg/Nash (Nash runs in and Goldberg accidentally spears him… crowd explodes). Everything else on the show actively advanced storylines and/or brought the workrate. All killer, no filler- and on a three-hour show at that.

      The Warrior segment is hard to digest now, but it was HUGE at the time. As the last major WWF holdout of the Federation Era, there was so much buzz behind his potential signing. That first appearance paid off years of rumors and innuendo and they milked it for everything it was worth. Nobody was flipping the channel while he was on camera. The more airtime he’s given, the higher their sustained ratings – a quickie cameo (a la Sting in the rafters) wasn’t gonna cut it. Little rewatchability today, but I know I was glued to the screen for the duration of that goofy promo.

      1. It hasn’t fallen off the cliff for me. The meng match was 8/10. And yeah it was smoking hot. The only thing I’ll say is the 3 hours is tough to get through. They had the roster to fill it, but they use a lot of time on promos that don’t advance any stories and a lot of time re capping things from earlier in the night or the last week of shows. That said, when they are hot they are HOT.

        1. Ah, 8/10 makes sense… go-home for Road Wild. Three hours of a free TV wrestling show is always asking a lot, but I thought that Nitro did it better than most. The lack of commercials helps CONSIDERABLY. In contrast, trying to watch a three hour Raw today is like my personal hell.

          1. Also, WCW was a lot less up its own ass than WWE is with the three-hour shows. Less “In case you missed it, here’s a video recap of the entire segment from 10 minutes ago.” Plus at least the pointless promo segments were unscripted and, thus, more entertaining.

        2. The 8/10/98 Nitro is a great show. It’s also a great example of how desperate WCW was in attempting to beat Raw in the ratings. At least 5 matches on that show could have been on a PPV that summer.

          1. Not to mention the road to Summerslam and a pretty hot Main Event on RAW with that 4 Way Tag Title Match.

      2. I couldn’t turn away, but I do remember even at the time thinking “Jesus, Warrior just won’t shut up.” It was definitely at odds with my childhood memories of how Warrior had been. Hogan made the segment with his hilarious overacting, though. That was wonderful.

  1. Doing some yardwork and listening to the latest FYC, what a show! Excellent takes by all and really good conversation around how to consider and factor women’s matches into this project.

    Highly recommended.

  2. Gonna throw out a name for the GWWE project: Ivan Putski

    The best comparison I could make would be Hacksaw Jim Duggan in 1988: Super over, not a consistent big arena main event guy, but can main event your B-Shows and fill in as a Main Event on the A-Shows in a pinch. Tag Champ with Tito in 79, and they formed a pretty good team. I’ve seen a couple of their matches against the Samoans and the Valiants . I think Putski slots in towards the back end of my list, but he definitley deserves a place

    1. That HHH-HBK does an amazing job foreshadowing HHH’s turn once you know it’s coming. He is visibly steaming that Shawn made that about himself.

  3. Today’s Jericho podcast is incredible. Lots of things I’d never heard about Benoit’s career, and Jericho probably more raw than I’ve ever heard him in discussing the way HHH and others treated the WCW guys when they came over. No sugar coating at all, especially about his relationship with HHH at the time and how Vince booked the guys from WCW (and, Chris says, still kind of does today with new people from other promotions).

    1. Firing it up now. Jericho’s interview last year with Nancy’s sister Sarah was the most genuine, thoughtful, and heartbreaking account of the tragedy – the whole relationship, really – that I’ve ever heard from anyone. I don’t listen to every episode, but Jericho has absolutely broken out as a great ambassador for the industry via his podcast an other ventures. Just by being an intelligent, articulate, positive dude who cuts through the carny bullshit. Hearing him struggle to reconcile the fact that he cannot watch Benoit matches anymore against his acknowledgment that they did a ton of great work together is one of those things you appreciate hearing as a fan.

      When most people in the business talk about Chris Benoit, it makes me angry or sad. When Jericho does, it feels cathartic. Looking forward to this.

      1. You summed it up far better than I could. When this topic comes up, I struggle with words. Like you, Jericho makes it easier to process my thoughts and remember things both good and bad.

    2. Its still amazing to me how many people get hired to jobs without ever watching them work ala Jericho in WCW based on Dave recommending him to Zane Bresloff. That still happens on the indies as you hear the AIW guys talk about so and so being a “Zellner Recommendation” and what not. I don’t expect these guys to watch footage constantly but you would think they would at least see the guys they book once.

      1. I misunderstood what Dave was saying; I thought he said *Eric* ended up watching the J-Cup match.

        Still, pretty cool that Bischoff thought highly enough of Benoit to take his word for it and sign Jericho sight unseen.

    1. I thought about throwing on hybrid theory last night but then thinking of listening to “in the end” and how the lyrics would be extremely eerie giving how his life ended

  4. I’m recording a new MTPS with Loss about the PWO 2K project, I think we’ll get into GWWE as well. It will be in ya podcast feeds tomorrow

      1. Man, this crowd loves Olympico. They pop for his headlocks. He also got out of a Toru Tanaka wristlock by poking him in the ear, which is pretty innovative offense; I think the world is ready for a wet-willie-based fighting style.

        1. Pedro is such an interesting guy. Every time I’ve watched a match of his I haven’t been impressed but the crowds loved him. It’s super interesting.

      1. One of Haystacks’ big offensive moves is putting Mayne’s head in his crotch (in powerbomb/piledriver position) and just wiggling around on him. There’s a form of Big Fat Guy offense I haven’t seen before.

  5. Sounds like Ben Affleck’s age is the main reason why WB execs want to replace him as Batman. He’s 45 now and will be pushing 50 by the time the Batman movie drops in 2019.

    There would be an explanation for the change in the DCEU films so Affleck’s Bruce Wayne would either be killed off or retire and someone new would don the Batsuit.

    Possible that be might stick around for JL part 2 but it’s up in the air right now.

    1. Yeah the rosters were freaking all over the place before finally stabilizing after Summerslam. Benoit got drafted to Smackdown, returns on Raw, then jumps to Smackdown in the fall. Lol.

      1. Plus the long term financial hit of the XFL flopping, the name change, the Austin stuff the month prior, Shawn being in the fucking NWO. Messy time

      1. He says they tried to get him for the Invasion PPV, but he said absolutely not partially on account of being so out of shape. Think he felt a little insecure dealing with Vince and tried to look the part a little more.

          1. Lol. He was sittin’ pretty after exercising his Time Warner stock options (which he didn’t even know he had until they informed him) so I don’t think any comfort eating was necessary.

        1. Yeah doing this as a competitive match is whack. Brock would be better served by a rematch with Test, who had nothing going on and could stand the loss but also make Brock look pretty impressive.

          1. Yeah. You definitely can’t squash him, so they end up doing this back and forth. Blergh.

          2. The way they book Brock now is the way to book him…a Frankenstein’s monster that can kill anyone and gives zero shits

  6. In laws over for dinner ran long, hard to tell them I’m going upstairs to watch a 15 year old wrestling show with a bunch of guys online. Anyways time stamp whereabouts you guys are at?

    1. And still have triple h turn on him and have their big one on one match at survivor series at msg. That could have worked. But I’m fine with how they did it as that summerslam match is great.

    2. Not sure how it would’ve worked. Shawn was still doing the nWo thing, so do they just drop that a month early? Have Trips join? I like the way they went, as Shawn returning even for one match was something I never thought I’d see.

        1. High school graduation present, actually was mad when I saw the taker hardy ladder match on raw the night before. Wishing that raw was in Boston and smackdown was in Manchester but I have no complaints on the show I ended up seeing.

  7. I know Brock beats hogan a few weeks after this then he is gone until no way out 03 was there any issues just seemed weird that he was doing stuff this whole time and he doesn’t do anything at the second biggest show of the year. Not sure what he could have done at summerslam but wasn’t sure if it was contract stuff or he just wanted to take a few months off.

    1. I’m a reasonable Red Sox fan unlike most Sox fans so it was really funny hearing some people at work saying how judge was a first half wonder and the home run derby curse. Just laughable the guy is awesome. I look forward to fearing his every at bat vs the Sox for the next 10 years.

  8. I always wonder what the plan was if the nWo had been around here and Nash hadn’t gotten hurt again. Was Triple H suppose to join or feud with them.

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